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    Student Life

    Halloween Dance 2011
    Students coming to KSSB find many new doors of opportunity to step through. Any student wanting to participate can join a competitive Sports Team, hone speaking skills on our championship Forensics Team, strengthen writing skills in our Journalism Program and sharpen political skills by serving on the Student Council.

    Students enjoy many after-school activities on our beautiful ten-acre campus and around the metropolitan area. Our new Student Residence Building is a warm and wonderful home away from home for students residing on campus. All students attending KSSB have ample opportunities to develop independence in the Skills of Daily Living.

    While free time to just be a kid is part of what KSSB does everyday, KSSB takes a fairly structured approach to maximize the learning of each student according to their needs.

    • A Full-Time Activity Therapist who uses arts and crafts, dance, athletics, special classes such as karate, and community resources such as theater, movies, concerts, skating, and mall shopping to increase each student's recreation and leisure skills.
    • Access to campus features such as an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor track, a fully equipped gymnasium, and a playground.
    • After-school tutoring for any student who needs or desires it.
    • Easy access to Assistive Technology designed for visual impairments.
    • A fully chartered student bank to teach financial skills.
    • Off-campus mobility passes, with parent approval, for students who have demonstrated safe and responsible travel skills.
    • Specialized licensed mental health professionals on staff to help students develop a positive self-image.