Student Activities


KSSB fields teams in 4 areas:  wrestling, track, goal ball,, and forensics. Students compete according to their ability in local meets and in meets sponsored by the North Central Association of Schools for the Blind.  KSSB is one of 13 member schools.


All elementary students have regular music classes, and older students may choose to participate in either a choir or a band as the need arises, which perform at school functions and for community groups.  Individual instruction in voice or on a variety of instruments is available.

Field Trips to Community Activities and Cultural Events

Field trips into the community are part of the learning experience, and usually involve locations which are both instructional and recreational.  During the enrollment process, parents are asked to provide written authorization for their children to participate in these field trips.  All field trips must be approved by the School Administration.

Students take an active part in a variety of activities including:
  • Children’s theater (Coterie, Theater for Young America)
  • Visits to the zoo, the American Royal, the circus, and area farms and parks
  • Ice skating, bowling, and indoor tunnel playgrounds
  • Libraries, parks, and children’s museums
  • Local grocery and other shopping excursions, tours of fire stations and various community resources
Day students may wish to stay for dorm activities, recreation, or scouting programs from time to time.  Arrangements should be made with the Dorm Director, and parents should arrange for transportation home afterwards.  On certain occasions when parents may find it difficult to pick their students up late in the evening, it may be possible for that student to spend the night in the dorm, if prior arrangements have been made with the Dorm Director (and the nurse, if medication is involved).

Golden Eagle Bank

The Golden Eagle Bank is a student bank chartered by the State of Kansas.  Its goal is to give secondary students the opportunity to gain money handling skills by practicing banking transactions, and to develop a system for budgeting and monitoring their own balances.  Monthly bank statements are issued to students.  Elementary and life skills students who live in the dorm may also open bank accounts to deposit money for activities, field trips, personal supplies, etc.  Money may be withdrawn by KSSB staff as students need or request it.  Dorm students who use the local pharmacy for medication refills need to set up an account for that purpose, maintaining a minimum balance of $10.00.  Parents may call the math teacher if they have questions regarding their child’s bank account.