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KCPT highlighted Accessible Arts students after we received a wonderful donation of 40 harmonicas for our Music Therapy Program. The donation was received after Board Member, Matt Grundy of Grundy Disability Group, connected us to Hohner Music. After touring the school and visiting with our students, Mr. Grundy had a "vision" of our students having a "jam session" with harmonicas in hand. After he conveyed his idea and connected us to the resources, we got to work. Hohner Music  requested Accessible Arts write a short grant, and soon after receiving they arrived on campus with harmonicas, and even better... with Phil Duncan, "the" expert on teaching and writing instructional books for the harmonica. After weeks of production and coordination with KCPT, we had a wonderful true story to share with you.

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  May 29, 2014, 12:29 PM Jon Harding