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ESY (Summer School Programs)

Our 2017 ESY program has ended. Applications for ESY 2018 staff will be available later this year. We are always interested in quality, and qualified, applicants to fill our instructor and assistant positions! 


KSSB is excited to offer Extended School Year (ESY) Summer Programs for 2017.  We will, once again have two programs
  •  The K-SEE (Kansas Summer Expanded Education), a 3-week program that runs from June 12th-June 30th and 
  • The Vocational Program, a 4-week program that runs from June 5th-June 30th.  Once again, the Expanded Core Curriculum will be the centerpiece of our program, with structured activities in the following domains: independent living skills, recreation and leisure, assistive technology, orientation and mobility, and career education (for older students).

Questions?  Contact Aundrayah Shermer at 913.305.3016 or Jon Harding at 913.305.3014. 

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