All enrollments at KSSB result from a local IEP team recommendation that a student be referred for an evaluation at KSSB. Based upon the 3 to 30 day evaluation outcomes, the KSSB evaluation team and the local school district IEP team, including the students and their parents, review the evaluation findings and develop a new IEP. If the team decides that KSSB would be the most appropriate placement to meet the IEP, admission procedures are implemented. A plan is developed to ensure that KSSB understands the essential outcomes necessary to achieve eventual student return to his or her home school district. For high school students, a plan for post-school activities (higher education, rehabilitation training, employment) is developed if the student is likely to graduate from KSSB.

    The key admission features are:

    • Contact the KSSB Principal to arrange a visit to the student’s local school district to begin the process.  (913-305-3000 ext. 3014)
    • Parents are a major part of the IEP team decision to enroll their child at KSSB, and must work through their child’s local school district before enrollment at KSSB can be considered.
    • All enrollments at KSSB are time-limited according to student need. A major goal is to return the student to his or her home school district equipped with the necessary skills for success.