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Phone: 913-305-3000 Toll Free: 1-800-572-5463 

Address: 1100 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102

Kansas School Safety Hotline: 1-877-626-8203

Administrative Services

Jon Harding, Interim Superintendent - 3014

Aundrayah Shermer, Field Services Director - 3016

Marva Thompson, Executive Secretary - 8111

Jeanette Magathan, Director of Finance

Bonnie McKelvy, Finance Manager - 3002


John Martello, Director of Operations - 3006

Teresa Chandler, Human Resources Director - 913.210.8113

Tom Burdolski, Human Resources Professional I - 3004

Kansas Instructional Resource Center

Toni Harrell, KIRC Coordinator & Circulation Specialist - 3071 

Field Services

Nancy Mann (Northeast region), COMS/TVI - 3045

Debbie Moody, TV (Wichita region)

Judy Imber, COMS (Southeast region, KC metro, Low Vision Clinics) - 3043

Robert Taylor, Assistive Technology - 3046

Rebecca Williams, TVI (TVI training grant, Braille Challenge),  - 3047

Kylie Janssen, TVI/COMS (Topeka, Central region)

Anna Cyr, TVI/COMS (Central/North central region)

Menely Hogan, TVI/COMS (Western region)

Erin Kelly, Support staff, 3061

 Instructional Services

Joe Oborny, Instructional Technology Coordinator 

David Yantz, School Services Coordinator 

Renee Wilson, Senior Administrative Specialist 

Christy Bowen, PE Teacher 

Sandra Craig, Math/Science 

Steve Hahn, Instructional Technology Support

Ashley Jasso-Nieto, Instructional Assistant 

Jenny Karnes, Music Therapist

Penny Kimberling, Elementary/COMS

Chris Mancillas, COMS/Secondary Language Arts

Linda Marshall, Instructional Assistant  

Kim McCall, Life Skills Teacher

Sue Pollan, Intervener

Christian Puett, Instructional Assistant

Tim Schierbeck, Transition/Athletic Coach

Lori Smith, Case Management Specialist/Transition - 3066

Robert Taylor, Social Studies and Assistive Technology - 3046

Qi Yu, COMS - 3037

Related Services

Susie Brown, Occupational Therapist - 3033

Sandy Jasper, Physical Therapist - 3034

Sherri Rigby, Speech Pathologist - 3032

Ron Wilson, Clinical Social Worker - 3031

Extended Day Program (Dormitory)

Jeff Young, Dormitory Director - 3050

Steve Diaz, Overnight Manager - 3051

Vicki Davis, Day/Evening Lead - 3060

Ben Diaz, Instructional Assistant - 3051

Laura Heyer, Instructional Assistant - 3060

Angela Ramsey, Instructional Assistant  - 3057


Dietary Services

Cathy Wix, Director of Food Services - 8116

Health Services

Michele Avery, RN - 3029
Brandy Cann, LPN- 913-645-5720

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