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6.1 ID Badges

If for any reason you need to make adjustments to your access times during the school year please inform your supervisor and he will contact the Superintendent or authorized designee for authorization. The Security Department cannot make adjustments without authorization from the Superintendent or authorized designee.

If you need to have a replacement ID badge made due to loss or damage, a $15 replacement fee must be paid in the Business Office prior to the new badge being made. Please bring your receipt to the Security Office.

6.2 Key Requests

If you are in need of a key during the school year please fill out the Key Request Form. Once the form has been completed please forward it to your supervisor for approval.

If approved by your supervisor, the form will be forwarded to senior administration for approval. After the form has gone through the approval process it will be forwarded to the Security Department for processing.

Once the Security Department receives the Key Request Form you will be notified by email that it has been received and is being processed. When the key is ready to be picked up you

will again be notified by email. You must personally come to the Security Office and sign for the key, as you will be responsible for it.

Be aware that sometimes keys will have to be cut by our locksmith so some requests may be delayed.

6.3 Parking Permits

Staff will be notified when parking permits are available for distribution. When you come to the Security Office to get a parking permit please bring your valid driver's license (for copying if needed), and have the following information available: vehicle make, model, year, color, and license plate number. This is kept on file for identification and emergency use, if needed.

6.4 Parking

The only reserved parking areas are 'Handicapped' and 'Visitor' spots located in the various parking lots on campus and as designated. All parking is on a first-come basis. Do not park in NO PARKING areas or behind someone to block another individual's vehicle. Cars parked illegally are subject to ticketing and/or towing at the individual's expense.

6.5 Campus Visitors

Unauthorized solicitations of employees on the premises are strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies both to employees and to non-employees. Solicitations for gifts (for such occasions as resignation, retirements, weddings, and births, etc.) are considered authorized. Distribution of literature of any kind and/or solicitations of any kind by non-employees is prohibited at any time without the consent of the Superintendent or Human Resources Director. Also prohibited is the posting of notices or signs, or writing in any form on school property including bulletin boards, without specific approval. Notices or signs that have been approved and posted are not to be removed without specific approval.

· All visitors on campus must check in through the Security Office in the Irwin Administrative Office building. Sales persons or solicitors are not allowed to contact personnel while they are on duty.

· Personnel who schedule visitors or resource persons must receive approval from their supervisor in advance. Secretaries for that area are to be notified to expect that person(s). The person visiting should check in through the Security Office to obtain an appropriate ID badge.

· The only sales persons allowed on campus are those scheduled to talk with supervisors about purchases for the school. If any individual contacts you on campus or by phone, regarding buying miscellaneous items, (e.g., copying machine supplies) ask for their name, company, address and telephone number and then give this information to the Business Manager immediately.

6.6 Intruders on Campus - Safety First (Refer to the Crisis Cascade)

Contact your supervisor if you suspect someone is on campus without authorization. If you feel it necessary, notify the Security Department and/or police - 911. The person(s) should be questioned as to his identity and business on campus. If he does not belong, ask him to leave immediately. If the person(s) fails to leave, ask your immediate supervisor to notify the local police immediately. If necessary make the call yourself.

6.7 Locked Doors - Keep Your Area Secure

Upon leaving an office, classroom, or locked building be sure to test the lock to make certain the door is secure. Do not prop doors open without notifying Security. Doors to the office and dormitories are locked to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building. EVERYONE is responsible for safety and security. Don't leave your valuables unsecured at any time.