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5.1 State Vehicles

When a state vehicle is needed for school business related activities, it should be reserved in advance, through the school office. Employees must have a copy of their driver's license on file in the school office before driving a state vehicle. Employees are responsible for reporting to the school office any change in driver's license status during the year such as driving restrictions or a license being revoked. If needed, gasoline credit cards will be checked out at the business office. If a gasoline credit card is checked out, please make sure that the vehicle is refueled before returning it to campus. Receipts are to be turned into the business office. For complete information refer to the manual located in each vehicle.

5.2 KSSB Vehicles/Requests

If your job duties entail driving a KSSB vehicle for any reason, you must be familiar with the vehicle use policy, and adhere to it. The policy states:

· ? A copy of your valid driver's license (DL) must be on file with the school office.

· Drivers are responsible for keeping the vehicles clean and secure. Pick up your trash and lock up when done.

· If a fuel card (Visa) is used on a trip, return the card and all receipts acquired from your trip to the business office.

· A fee of $300.00 (subject to change based on replacement costs) will be assessed to any employee who loses or fails to return vehicle keys.

· The vehicle log must be completed after each use.

You will be notified if we do not have a copy of your DL on file and your name appears as a driver on a vehicle request form. Due to insurance/liability issues, you will not be allowed to drive a KSSB vehicle until this requirement is satisfied.

If you need to reserve a vehicle please do so in a timely manner. Fill out the Activity Request and Van Sign Out sheets. Just fill out the section(s) that applies to your need.

If your request DOES involve student transport, please deliver the completed form to the school office for approval. If the school office receives a vehicle request that has not been approved by the Director of Instruction, it will not be honored.

If your request DOES NOT involve student transport, simply fill out the Van Sign-Out sheet. Please be aware that there are times when vehicles will not be available, and it may be possible that an approved request may be "bumped", depending on priorities. Student transport takes priority over all other requests. All other requests will be assigned vehicles as to purpose and destination.

If you need to inform the maintenance department of a vehicle maintenance issue please send in a work order request online.

It will be the responsibility of staff to install and remove car booster seats as needed for field trips. The seats are all located by the preschool room. When returning from a trip in which car booster seats were used, you must remove the seats from the vehicle and return them so that they can be easily located and used by other staff transporting children who need them.

As noted in the vehicle use policy, drivers are responsible for the returned condition of vehicles. Please make sure that trash is picked up, all lights (interior and exterior) are off, windows are rolled up, and the doors are locked when vehicle use has been completed. Drivers who violate this policy may be restricted from driving. Continuous violations will result in loss of driving privileges.

5.3 Personal Liability for Damages to State Vehicles

Historically, agencies of the State of Kansas have not attempted to hold an employee liable for any damages to a state vehicle incurred because of that employee's use of the vehicle for official state business. Two exceptions to this, in which case the state may seek indemnification from the employee for damages, are when the employee is using the vehicle for other than state business or when the damage was caused by the employee's gross negligence. Within the state's policy "gross negligence" means conduct showing a reckless disregard and complete indifference for the possible consequences of the person's actions. One example of such a situation would be driving under the influence; i.e., drugs or alcohol. All passengers will be secured with provided seatbelts. The driver will NOT transport anyone (including pets) in state vehicles who is not on official school business or as approved by the Superintendent.

It is the intent of KSSB to follow the above stated policy. It is requested, of course, that employees using state vehicles treat them with care. An employee shall report ANY damage that occurs to a state vehicle while that employee has that vehicle checked out. The driver must report the cause of the damage, however slight it might appear, and whether the damage is inside or outside the vehicle.

In the event that damage (breaking, bending, denting, cutting, scratching, etc.) is caused by a staff member or a student, the employee who has the vehicle checked out shall inform the maintenance office of the cause and the extent of the damage when the vehicle is returned.

In case of an accident while off campus, the employee shall follow the generally accepted routine of calling the police, getting names of people involved in the accident and names of witnesses, surveying for injuries/damages, etc. The employee should not admit guilt. When possible after the accident, call the school office (913-305-3015) immediately to report the accident, the extent of damage to the vehicle and whether the vehicle is drivable. The Business Manager

should be given a copy of the accident report and a written statement from the employee describing the details of the accident, to give to the insurance company.

We will not penalize employees for damage to state vehicles (except as noted above), HOWEVER we MUST insist that damages be reported. Failure to report damage to a state vehicle will result in disciplinary action.

5.4 Mileage Logs in State Vehicles

Whenever a state vehicle is used for any reason, the mileage must be recorded on the log in that vehicle. Anyone using a state vehicle should check the beginning odometer reading with the last entry on the mileage log. Any discrepancy should be noted on the log. Also, please note that repair and/or maintenance to the vehicle is to be noted on the mileage logs. Items needing immediate emergency attention should also be reported to the Security Department as soon as possible.

Drivers may request approval to take a vehicle home on the evening of a workday immediately preceding a travel day so long as it does not increase the total one-way trip between work and destination by more than ten (10) miles. (Ref: K.A.R. 1-17-2a)

5.5 Respect for Privacy

Any searches, for any reason, whether it relates to staff or students, require that an Administrator BE NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE, and he/she or a designated staff member will help in the inspection.

The Appointing Authority reserves the right to search any vehicle, office, dormitory, or property on campus if reasonable cause is suspected. For details regarding this, refer to the Kansas Board of Education Policy, Section P-3800.

5.6 State Property

State property is not to be taken from the campus without written permission from your Supervisor or from the Superintendent. This includes machines, tools, supplies, etc. You are expected to exercise due care in the use of school property and to use such property only for authorized purposes. The misuse of computers for personal gain or for illicit means will result in immediate disciplinary action to include possible termination. Negligence in the care and use of school property may be reason for suspension and/or dismissal. Unauthorized removal of school property from the premises or its conversion to personal use will be considered reason for suspension and/or dismissal. School property issued to you must be returned to the school upon termination of employment or when your department head, or his or her designated representative, requests its return. The value of any property issued, lost, destroyed, or not returned will require a personal check made payable to KSSB.

5.7 Inventory Control of Consumable Supplies

An inventory of supplies will be maintained in your department. Contact your immediate supervisor first if you need supplies. If an item that you need is not available, please complete a requisition and send to your supervisor. Do not purchase an item without prior approval. State policies, procedures, and contracts must be adhered to; otherwise, you may end up paying for the item(s) yourself. Always check with your supervisor or contact the Business Manager to ensure that you can be reimbursed for the purchase of an item.

5.8 Inventory Control of Capital Assets

KSSB equipment that is required to be on inventory, (e.g., desk, personal computer, pager, cellphone, etc.) must be accounted for each year. The responsibility for that equipment is the occupant of that office or classroom, or the building supervisor, etc. As a state employee you are responsible for the equipment within your care. Any changes to your inventory are to go through your supervisor in written form. In order to remove any item (destroyed or obsolete equipment) that is in your care, you must submit a written request to remove it from your responsibility. Inventory should be completed by May 1st of each year. Contact the office of the Business Manager for more information.