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The process:

KSSB offers a variety of services to meet student needs.  Determining which services are appropriate requires a thoughtful, data-driven process that includes an accurate exchange of information and effective communication among parents, KSSB staff, and local schools. Meeting the needs of students with Visual Impairments is a shared responsibility that KSSB embraces and takes seriously.   Parents are welcome to contact our staff and/or arrange a campus visit.  Being present physically is often the best way to get a feel for our campus environment.  

KSSB works closely with Local Education Agencies and Part C (birth-age 3) Agencies to meet the needs of students with Visual Impairments. When a school or agency needs more information or is interested in exploring services, they use the online service request form, on our website.  It asks for information that allows us to better understand what the concern is and which staff need to be involved in the conversation.  In some instances, KSSB's outreach team might arrange a visit to a student's home or school to gather information, conduct an assessment, or provide resources.  In other cases, the IEP may recommend that a student be referred for an evaluation on our campus. 

Admission to our school results from a local IEP team recommendation that a student be referred for an evaluation at KSSB. Based upon the evaluation outcomes, the KSSB evaluation team and the local school district IEP team (including the students and their parents), review the evaluation findings and develop a new IEP.   A plan is developed to ensure that all parties (parents, district staff, and KSSB staff) understand the responsibilities necessary to ensure the student's successful return to his or her home school district.  For high school students, a plan for post-school activities (higher education, rehabilitation training, employment) is developed if the student is likely to graduate from KSSB.

Key points:

  • Contact the KSSB Director of Instruction to arrange a visit with the student's local school district to begin the process.  (913-305-3000 ext. 3014).  You may also contact KSSB's Student Services Coordinator, David Yantz, at 913-305-3017.
  • Parents are a major part of the IEP team decision to enroll their child at KSSB, and must work through their child's local school district before enrollment at KSSB can be considered.
  • All enrollments at KSSB are time-limited according to student need. A major goal is to return the student to his or her home school district equipped with the necessary skills for success.

2018-2019 Pricing List

  • Please note the services and prices listed are for school districts' use/request.  The list is not comprehensive, so please inquire if you don't see something that fits your needs.  
  • Download the pricing list.