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The KC Blind All Stars Foundation


To enhance employment options for the blind or visually impaired; education and leadership opportunities;and experiences in sports music and the arts.

Where we are going

KCBAS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the Kansas State School for the Blind. KCBAS believes in the unlimited potential of all youth in Kansas who are blind/visually impaired (B/VI).KCBAS believes youth who are B/VI can be valuable, contributing members of their schools and communities. Founded in 1973, the KCBAS Foundation provides financial support to programs and activities in the following "TEAM" endeavors:(T)echnology; (E)ducation, Employment, Entrepreneurship; (A)thletics and Extra Curricular activities; (M)usic and Arts; (S)kill-Building

Supported Evdeavors


Specialized technology can be prohibitively expensive,but KCBAS can mitigate some of the cost barriers and ensure students develop not only basic skills, but are given exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning that fosters imagination,creativity, and problem solving.


KCBAS supports and funds the regional and National Braille Challenge competitions which are designed to motivate students to increase braille literacy skills. KCBAS also provides funding for low vision evaluations thus improving visual performance in academics and leisure activities. One or more college scholarships are awarded each year to support students in post-secondary settings through KCBAS funds.


Athletics has always been a cornerstone of the KCBAS Foundation. Any student with a visual impairment can participate in sports at KSSB track, wrestling, cheerleading, goalball (a sport unique to students who are blind) and skiing. KCBAS funds travel expenses so that students may compete against other blind athletes in the Midwest.


KCBAS supports opportunities for students

to express themselves through music.The foundation also partners with Accessible Arts to sponsor activities in the arts, especially in tactile media (ceramics) and performance (drama).

Skill building

Skill building gives all students who are visually impaired the opportunity to receive indi­vidual instruction to develop independent living skills, such as hygiene, dressing and laundry; grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking; KCBAS also provides support for Girls and Boys Weekends.

Signature Events

Regional Braille Challenge events

All-Stars Benefit Walk

Board of Directors

John DeLeon, President

Jon Harding, Vice-President

Larry Hisle, Secretary

Tom Johnson, Treasurer

Marites Altuna

Madeleine Burkindine

Giving to KCBAS

KCBAS welcomes contributions from corporations businesses, individuals, sponsorships, estate, and memorial gifts. Your donation is an investment in the lives of youth who are blind or visually impaired. KCBAS also offers support designed specifically for our corporate friends.

· Cause related marketing

· Project-specific sponsorships

For more information, or to donote, please visit us at


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