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Welcome Back!!!
Posted On:
Friday, August 03, 2018
*** Important News ****

"We are excited to welcome students and families back to KSSB for the fall semester.

  • Student Enrollment is Sunday, August 19th, from 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. in KSSB's gymnasium . Enrollment packets have been mailed to all families. Packets will also be available at the registration desk on Sunday. The dormitory will accept students that evening, and our teachers will be available to welcome you and address any concerns you may have. Classes start at 7:55 a.m. on Monday, August 20th."
  • KSSB has a new drop-off and pick-up procedure this year for buses. Buses will enter the rear gate and drop students off behind our dormitory (Edlund Building). Staff will assist students to and from the bus at this location. Letters have been sent to all transportation providers, and we will work with drivers to remind them of the new procedure. The change is designed to ensure student safety. Head Start parents and buses will utilize 12th Street this year as their drop-off and pick-up point.
  • KSSB's dormitory has a new look: new beds, headboards, matching dressers, and bedding have been added and the apartment and great room now have new couches and chairs. The changes are intended to make the dorm more comfortable for students, families, and guests. Come take a look when you are here for enrollment.
  • The Kansas Instructional Resource Center is moving. KIRC will be located in the basement of Vogel building (where the old wood shop used to be). Director Toni Harrell and her staff will be more accessible to our teachers and students in the new location. We are excited to have KIRC under the same roof as our school.
  • KSSB has purchased new blind and low vision technology that will be assembled into portable "kits" that can be used on campus and/or travel the state to provide hands-on learning experiences for students and teachers. The latest braille notetakers, braille displays, tablets, software, magnification devices, orientation and mobility software, Chromebooks, STEM equipment, and communication devices will be used by our field services staff to provide professional development to schools across the state.
  • KSSB has a new Early Childhood classroom that will focus on the needs of blind and visually impaired students, especially those who have additional disabilities. The EC classroom will be in our Vogel building. We have created an entirely new space to welcome these young students this year.
  • KSSB welcomes several new staff this year: Early Childhood and Family Support Specialists (3), Susan Threinen, Cindy Huffman, and Sabrina McAdoo; Field Services for Southeast Kansas, Julie Ituarte; Early Childhood Classroom Teacher, Lila Taylor; Elementary Classroom Teacher, Christian Puett; Orientation and Mobility Intern, Kelleen Donahue; Orientation and Mobility, Michelle Provin; Instructional Assistant, Tanya Lang; Dormitory Director, Sue Pollan (formerly an intervener in our Transition Program).
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