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Code # Subject

1.a Introduction

1.b Letter from the Superintendent

1.c State Board of Education Members

1.d Administrative Services Staff

1.d.1 K I R C Staff

1.d.2 Field service Staff

1.d.3 Deaf-Blind Project Staff

1.d.4 Instructional Services Staff

1.d.5 Extended day staff (Dormitory)

1.d.6 Other Staff

General Information
Code # Subject

2.a Governence and Purpose

2.b Our Mission, vision and Goals

2.c Student admissions and Priority Outcomes

2.d Campus Security and Student safety

2.d.1 Access Control System

2.d.2 Weapons

2.e Student Registration

2.e.1 Confidentiality/Parental Rights

2.e.2 Educational Responsibilities

2.e.3 Discipline Policy

2.e.4 Student Rights in regard to Search

2.f Acceptable Use of Computer and Technology by Students

2.f.1 Using School equipment at Home

2.g Photograph Release

2.h Visiting Campus

2.h.1 Release of Students and Off-Campus Travel

2.i Fund drives

Emergency Procedures
Code # Subject

3.a Emergency Management Plan

3.b Student Behavior in an Emergency

3.c Campus Lockdown procedures

Health and Social Services
Code # Subject

4.a Health Services

4.a.1 Doctor's Visits

4.a.2 health Screenings

4.a.3 Low Vision Evaluations

4.b Exclusion from school because of Illness

4.c Medication guidelines

4.d Social Services

4.e Social Work

4.f Nutrition

Education Program
Code # Subject

5.a Overview

5.a.1 Daily School schedule

5.a.2 School Support

5.b.1 Pre-School Program

5.b.2 Secondary

5.b.3 Secondary

5.b.4 Life Skills

5.b.5 Extended School Year (ESY)

5.c Expanded core Curriculum

5.d Graduation Requirements

5.e.1 Attendence

5.e.2 Absences

5.e.3 Home Work

5.e.4 Study Hall

5.e.5 Home School report

5.e.6 Student Progress reports

5.g After School

5.g.1 Off Campus TravelPass

5.g.2 student Council

5.g.3 Golden eagle Bank

5.g.4 Student Activities

5.g.5 Lost and Found

5.g.6 Independent and Daily Living Skills

5.h Supplies and Mateials

student Conduct
Code # Subject

6.a Discipline Policy

6.b Behavior Plans

6.c Exceptional Conduct

6.d Food and Drink

6.e Dress Code

6.f Physical Contact

6.g Dining Room Conduct

6.h Procedures for Leaving Campus

6.i Pornography

6.j Invasion of Privacy

6.k Electronic Communication Devices

6.l Social Networking Websites

6.m Buying, Selling, Borrowing or Lending

6.n Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse

6.o Damage to School Property, Loss of School Materials

6.p Misconduct

6.q Eighteen-Year-Old (Adult) Students

6.r Code of Ethics and Standards for Students Participating in KSSB Co-curricular Activities

Extended Day Program *Dormitory
Code # Subject

7 Extended Day Program

7.a Purpose

7.b Related Considerations

7.c Weekly transportation

7.d Banned Materials

7.e checking In/Outwith Staff

7.f chore Program

7.g church Activities

7.h Clothing and dress

7.i day students

7.j After School Activities

7.k Mail

7.m Meals and Snacks

7.n Music, CDs/DVDs, and Videos

7.o Personal Possessions

7.p Physical Contact

7.q Recreation Program

7.r Social Relationships

7.s Student Accounts

7.t Study Hahn

7.u Student Use of Telephones

7.v Cell Phones

7.w Tobaco or Tobacco Products

7.x Visitors to KSSB Campus

7.y Recommended Clothing List for Girls

7.z Recommended Clothing for boys